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L & A Childrens Boutique Cute Baby Clothes

We are L&A Children’s Boutique. We sell quality, cute baby clothes and children’s clothing for children of all ages but we specialise in cute clothes for newborns, babies and toddlers and even those special packages on the way! Our boutique stocks the type of clothing that you’d see on other people’s children and want to know where they got them, because that’s what we thought and so decided to sell them. On this site, you’ll only find garments we’d be proud to put our children in – we’ve chosen every garment with the same Love and Affection that we’d put into choosing them for our own children.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our quality, both in terms of the service we provide and the brands and items we stock. Our promise to you, is that we’ll never sell clothing brands that don’t appreciate the needs of your children. Brands that don’t appreciate that children need to play and explore and that adventure should be an everyday part of a child’s life. We also recognise that many families are becoming more and more conscious of their effect upon the environment and so we try to stock items that are mindful of their roots and are kind to soft, delicate skin and modern day allergies. For instance, all of our clothing ranges are made exclusively from organic cotton.

Items you buy from us will be robust and will look just as good after the last wash as they did when you bought them.